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What Makes Us Different? 

Significance/uniqueness of our non-profit: Mothers in crisis need more than a few months of emergency services for them to succeed long term. They need a significant amount of TIME, in a place of RESPITE, surrounded by an insightful team of SUPPORT. This will allow them to move out of survival mode, into critical thinking, and ultimately to thriving self-sufficiently.


Collaboration: The existing Women’s Community is an invaluable resource that cannot be replaced in our area. And while they are on the front lines of addressing domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and trafficking, they are intended only to be an emergency short term shelter. The Hagar House not only offers a continuation of support, but also becomes an option for mothers in crisis whose circumstances may not fit the design of the Women’s Community. In addition to the Women’s Community, we are also collaborating with Bridge Street Mission, Hope Pregnancy Resource Center, The Hannah Center of Marshfield, and The Community Foundation of North Central WI.

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