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The Story Behind the Name

In scripture we read the story of a woman named Hagar, who is ultimately left with the heavy burden of raising her child alone.


First, Hagar suffered mistreatment while she was pregnant and so she fled; only to face hopelessness in the desert. But scripture says that God SAW her, met her where she was, and refreshed her with water from a nearby well.

Later, she and her son were cast out and sent away with little food or water. Abandoned and alone in a burning desert, Hagar knew her son was desperately close to death. Unable to bear the agony of watching him suffer, she placed him under a tree and retreated to sob helplessly. Again, God tenderly came to rescue them in their time of distress, this time saying that he HEARD the boy’s cries. God, in his mercy, cared for Hagar and her child.

Throughout scripture God’s heart for single parent families is clear and should stir us to action! All around us today are modern day widows and orphans. They feel alone and abandoned. They face struggles we cannot imagine. They feel invisible and unheard.

The hope of The Hagar House is to offer a home where they are upheld in their time of need. Together, we can let them know that we SEE their struggle, we HEAR their silent cries, and we are coming to surround them with support.

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