Jessica (Center) – Founder and President - Jessica’s compassion for single moms stems from her own experience. She unexpectedly found herself parenting alone 9 years ago after her entire world was leveled. Struggling to rebuild from the ashes, she faced the overwhelming challenges of being and bearing all things as a single mom. God, in His incredible mercy, threw her critical lifelines in the form of a committed tribe of amazing people. She gives all credit to the Lord and those God brought to sustain them, knowing full well they could not have begun the rebuilding process alone.  That is the model she desires to replicate in the mission of The Hagar House. To be the hands and feet of Jesus to single moms and their children.

Megan (Right) – Secretary/Treasurer – Megan brings a love for deep relationships and beautiful stories of survival and growth, much like her own experience in single parenting. It was in that time she found peace and purpose from a God she had never truly known, while experiencing the love of a Savior through the abundant love of those who walked beside her and her son. It is Megan’s hope that others experience this revival from the ashes found in Christ alone, and she wants women to know that they are not alone in their season of trial. Her professional background in nursing case management brings a collaborative and holistic perspective to The Hagar House ministry.

DeeAnn (Left) – Vice-President – The Hagar House was the answer to her prayer, that God provide a way to utilize her years of experience to serve and glorify Him.  Enter Jessica and her vision for The Hagar House.  DeeAnn has over 25 years of social work experience serving adults, families and teens.  She has a heart for people and a desire to build on their personal strengths.  Her personal experience with her Savior is that He loves her just the way she is, but also loves her enough not to leave her that way.  She understands that no one can produce fruit alone, we all need to remain in Christ to truly be strong and we are all called to serve one another.  


James - Board Member- James is a United States Air Force Veteran and served on the Honor Guard for the American legion. He has been involved in various church's, groups, organizations in our community for the past 20 years. He became involved with Downtown Mission Church back when they purchased the Fillmore theater and he was in charge of building maintenance. That is where he really started to notice the need in our community for help, support, housing, and mentorship. Because of James's love of his Lord And Savior Jesus Christ he found himself serving the community at the Bridge  Street mission. There he saw the need for a place for women and children to receive shelter, help, support, love, and encouragement in a safe Christ center place. James is currently still serving the community at the Bridge Street  Mission as the sober living facility manager.

Rachael - Board Member - Rachael is pursuing her master’s degree in Community and Organizational Leadership at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point. Rachael has a long history of involvement in community service through sacred, secular, and paid positions. She brings a wealth of knowledge in fundraising and grant writing.