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Client Advocate

The Client Advocate will support residents, execute operational tasks while on site, and ensure the safety and security of the residents. 


 Part-time 21 hours/week; hours varied from 3:00 pm-9:45 pm


 The Client Advocate shall report directly to the Program Director


Included, but are not limited to, and subject to change depending on the needs of The Hagar House:

  • actively engage in the family life in the home

  • provide for the needs of the residents while maintaining confidentiality, professionalism, and adherence to policies and procedures

  • assist in program activities, including but not limited to: room inspections, relaying program messages, resource referrals, enforcing house rules, and case management. 

  • monitor and document resident compliance with program rules and guidelines

  • assist in maintaining accurate client records and log and document appropriate shift and resident information by the end of each shift

  • participate in designated client programming

  • perform necessary house operations, including but not limited to: helping prepare/serve meals, putting together a grocery list, overseeing chores, taking inventory, putting away groceries and supplies, and sorting donations

  • ensure resident safety and security 

  • assist in conflict resolution with the objective of modeling and encouraging positive methods of problem-solving, respectful communication, and self-restraint 

  • attend and participate in scheduled staff meetings

  • perform other tasks as delegated by the Program Director and Executive Director 

  • represent The Hagar House at community events

  • conduct all behavior inside and outside the home with integrity and uphold the mission, vision, and core values established by the organization 

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