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Associate Director

The Associate Director will implement and oversee administrative tasks and other programs of the house.


Part-time 20 hours/week; hours varied from 7 am - 12 pm (4 days/5 hrs/day or 5 days/4 hrs/day)


The Associate Director shall report directly to the Program Director.


Included, but are not limited to, and subject to change depending on the needs of The Hagar House:

  • Coordinate relationships with church Liaisons. Quarterly meetings, promotional materials, etc. 

  • Assist with annual Church Visits, including keeping materials stocked, scheduling calendar visits, etc. 

  • Oversee the Annual Color Run event/team- Sponsors, location, color, registration, snacks, medals, etc. 

  • Safety in the home – Policies and procedures updated and reviewed regularly, schedule and perform regular house drills, etc. 

  • Property- work with the property team to keep updated, maintenance, checklists, information stored accurately, etc. 

  • Food System- Finalize a system of food rotation, meal planning, grocery needs, oversee team, etc. 

  • House Calendar- Digital calendar in butler pantry. Upcoming events, opportunities, birthdays, etc. 

  • Birthdays- Work with volunteer to plan for birthday gifts and cards for all residents and staff. 

  • Volunteers- Applications, processing, background checks, clearance, schedule, etc. 

  • House Supplies/Home Goods- Create a staples list, system, and process of keeping stocked. 

  • Tangible donations- Filter and organize all donations to proper places and keep all systems running smoothly. 

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